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Plantscaping:  Accentuating levels and areas with borders and paths.


I am blessed to have lived in some of the most beautiful places in the country, if not the world, San Marino, Telluride, Mendocino & of late Tucson. 

I "see" life, literally! Vision is my most acute sense and I observe & scrutinize all I see. With me it's a feast for the eyes to behold or else I am put off by the disharmony around me.

I guess this is why I've always been an artist, trying to create beautiful relationships between things and colors and light. It's an endless pursuit toward perfection, never over taking the goal, as it always stays a step ahead.

I've tried my hand at most mediums, loving the feel, character and whimsical nature of clay and the permanent bold nature of acrylics, and often watercolors are my medium of choice, for their portability and fluidity.

When I have a free moment I venture into the garden, to add a special touch, to spruce up an area or just pull a few weeds. Whenever the sun streams across the textures and flowers I am swept away in natures blissfully magic work.


"Some of my favorite arranging goes on out there with Mother Nature; an endless fascination, this inspires and enthralls me."

But for all out creation the most rewarding is the development of beautiful living spaces in to their most pleasing arrangement. So it is easy for me to be efficient and unique in creating a new design. The anticipation of the outcome pulls me along as the theme develops. It's the artistic process in all aspects of creativity that enriches my life.

Most recently I have developed a special focus on Plantscaping interiors and exteriors for my clients. This is done by adding specimen plants in gorgeous containers in stunning arrangements throughout the home. This includes inside as well as on patios and entryways and thru out the landscape to define areas and create focal points.

"Plantscaping pulls the inside out and vice versa."

I'm enthralled with doing design that creates beckoning outdoor rooms & scrumptious garden areas. This helps to develop an overall theme throughout the owner's property.

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