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I was born into the interior design business. My grandfather started an antiques and interior design business, Cannell & Chaffin, in Los Angeles in 1917 catering to the likes of William R. Hearst and other celebrities.

I started my career there after receiving my design degree and joining the American Society of Interior Designers. I enjoyed designing for some fascinating clients, thru the family business, until my move to Telluride in 1981, where I opened my own interior business. There I enjoyed a varied and exciting 16 years of design in the Colorado Rockies before moving to the Mendocino Coast, where I have resided for the last 12 years. I now also live part time in the beautiful Sonoran Desert of Tucson, Arizona. I have worked on projects all over the country and shopped in most of the countries major markets.


My repertoire over the years of western, mountain, rustic, beach, ranch, all sorts of traditional as well as contemporary and fantasy themes have led me to an eclectic blend that suits our rich heritage in the American southwest. The majority of my jobs are residential but I also love to do commercial jobs. I work from Northern California to Tucson and Telluride and everywhere in between and's the inspirational theme or project that calls to me!  


I look forward to talking with you regarding any project you feel my talents might enhance.

Best wishes!

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