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How the Interior Design process works...

I start by being the compassionate listener; I find out what ideas my clients have. What are their budget needs? I assess the architectural plans and make sure I understand how they will be utilizing their spaces. I put on my psychologist hat and decipher their combined desires. Hopefully they have gathered some pictures and samples of what thrills them - so I can marry their visions as greater than the sum of the parts - a WHOLE!

I then contemplate their ideas. I find my ideas roll in and I eventually come up with a "vision" for their project. I share this with them through drawings of floor plans, elevations, and photos. I put together items to acquire a full color scheme, this includes paint, fabrics, tile, textures, furniture, light fixtures, and everything that exemplifies what I have in mind.

I pick from many of the 90 percent of available goods that the public never sees. The majority of my sources are behind closed doors at the design centers. Interior designers have access to what the best trade centers have to offer. Being able to see what their finished product will look like in my mind and having a great color sense - this is my greatest gift to the client - knowledge of available goods.''


Together, the client and I pore over this array of possibilities and come to a mutually enticing look. This is where the work really begins - specifying surfaces, tiles, wall textures & coverings, floor coverings, plumbing selections, appliances.



By drawing detailed elevations and floor plan details for the architect & builder, by researching details for every item to be purchased and then ordering, my clients can rest assured. What I show them will be what they get. I arrange and follow up on construction progress and material deliveries and finally set up the design in the living space.


I do not overlook ideas that coordinate outside landscaping themes. I utilize and arrange client accessories and art work. I suggest clients plan for plenty of room for buying plants & accessories. Together, these pieces pull the entire look together. For the best outcome every detail that goes in the home should be thought out ahead of time.



Eclectic is my favorite design structure. However, you can see how I've enjoyed the other various styles my clients have hired me to create for them.

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